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More Than Pasta offers several types of catering services for residential and business events. Here are a few of the most common.

Pan Catering

Delivered: For small or large events, you can have authentic Italian cuisine without any of the formalities. This creates a great buffet style offering for your guests and keeps costs down. We deliver the food and set it up so your guests can serve themselves in a buffet style offering as they enjoy the event.

Served: For events where you want your guests served from a serving station or at their tables. This style of catering costs a bit more as you have costs such as staffing, linens, and tableware to consider. Still the same amazing Italian cuisine with a little extra to add a nice touch to your event.

Feel free to browse through our menus for pan catering using the links below. You can choose from our Pasta Meals Menu where meal plans are provided with options within each, or our Pan Pricing Menu where you can customize your menu any way you wish. Our pan style catering offers half pans and full pans of a wide range of pastas, entrees, sides, and desserts that will fit any occasion.

Pasta Meals Menu
Pan Pricing Menu

Mobile Kitchen Catering

For events of 75 – 200 people, our mobile kitchen can provide catering almost anywhere. This type of catering offers a streamlined menu giving your guests three to four options for their meal. Additionally, guest don’t have to take the time to pay for their food when they order, creating a quick easy service that allows us to feed as many as 200 people in about 3 hours. Power is never an issue as our mobile kitchen can be powered by our generators if a 50-amp power outlet is not available, allowing us to provide amazing, authentic, Italian cuisine almost anywhere.

Regardless of the type of catering you choose for your event, the preparation of the food before the event will be broadcast live in a charity-based cooking show that raises money for kids with cancer. Click here for more details.

We keep our prices as current as we can, due to fluctuation in food prices our prices may change from time to time before we can get them updated in the menu. You will receive a written quote, as part of our catering agreement, that will provide you with the current pricing based on your menu and requested services.
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